Composing A Research Paper On Stress Management At Workplace

Research papers are assigned in all courses, from literature and psychology courses to business management and physics. In the world of work, employers are looking for ways to increase productivity. One of the most successful ways to increase productivity is by reducing stress. To learn how to do this, students in management courses and psychology courses often write research papers about this topic. Here are some tips to help you succeed on your paper about stress management at work:

  1. Decide on a focus: Since there are so many ways to reduce stress, you should pick a focus area. Yoga, meditation, and massage are three proven ways that people reduce stress outside of work and there are ways to incorporate them into the work day. You might even find other ways to relax at work and get more done. When you choose a specific focus, your paper will be easier to organize.
  2. Conduct your research: Once you decide on a focus, it is time to research. You should look for sources that are legitimate and scientific. You want to see real data on the subject so you can prove that your ideas really will work. Your opinions and thoughts are not valid without any support.
  3. Develop a thesis statement: Every good research paper needs to have an arguable thesis statement. This is the sentence that guides the entire paper, so it should be broad enough that you can craft a paper around it.
  4. Organize your paper: Once you have your thesis statement, the next thing to do is plan your paper. It does not matter if you use a formal outline or informal bullet points, organizing the paper will help you get everything finished on time. A plan of attack will help you be sure that you include all of the information you need to be able to support your thesis, too.
  5. Write the rough draft: When you are given a writing assignment like a research paper, the worst thing you can do is not write. Students are often frustrated because they do not start writing; they leave their thoughts in their head. The best thing to do is to just start writing, even if the words do not make sense. Once words are on paper, you can always move them around to get them the way you want them. Do not forget to keep track of the sources you use in your paper.
  6. Edit and revise. After a good edit, you can make the revisions that will make your paper earn a top grade.

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