Where To Search For An APA Research Paper Introduction Example?

As you may be aware, in the U.K., most universities require students to write in Harvard style. However, in the U.S.A., it is a very common practice to use APA style referencing when scholars are writing their research papers. Most likely, you would have been taught how to reference the sources in APA style.

When you first start to write any academic work, you may be stuck with limited ideas and don’t really have an idea where to start. You may need some inspiration to write the introduction, which is arguably the most difficult aspect of any given academic work. This guide is written to provide you some ideas about where to look for APA research paper introduction examples.

The Internet

Perhaps this is most common and readily accessible place to start looking for examples. The Internet is home to thousands of research paper examples and it would be a great place to start. Simply type in the topic that you are interested in on any search engines and the results should be generated within seconds.

You can obviously look for previous work written by famous scholars as well, which is beneficial and would provide you with some insights on how to write your introduction. Bear in mind though, that you might need to be more critical about the sources you find on the Internet, as it could be altered by someone else.


Whether it is your university library or public library does not really matter. As long as they keep a record of academic research papers, then it is perfectly fine. You should also consult the librarians about this issue. They should be able to point you to the right direction and you can begin searching for examples.

Purchase Articles

Many people do not do this, but it could be useful when you are in an emergency. You can always purchase research papers written by scholars in the past and you can either do that online or offline.

They tend to be rather expensive, but it would certainly get the job done for you.

Ask your Lecturers

Your lecturers will have access to many of his own academic work, which he or she may want to share with you. If you were unsure, it wouldn’t hurt to send them an email and ask them the question. Lecturers are always willing to help and they will appreciate your effort in coming forward and posing the question.

Hopefully this guide is able to give you an idea where to look for research papers introduction example.

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