10 Fresh Ideas For Economic Research Papers For College

Economics presents numerous topic options when writing your research paper. There are areas in micro and macro economics as well as national, continental and international economics. You also may select a particular industry and examine the economics of its operations and existence.

While a lot of research has been carried out, it is still possible to get fresh ideas for your economics research paper. What are some of the best sources?

  • News- news items in magazines, television, radio, internet, newspapers, etc are incredible sources of ideas. They deal with emerging issues and therefore offer the advantage of freshness. They are only used as pointers. The information emanating from these sources must be verified and put in context based on academic research.
  • Class Notes- each economics class has a scope. Your notes and academic books are an incredible source of ideas. The course work hints at areas you will be studying during the semester or year which is an incredible source of ideas for your topics.
  • Library- perusing in the library, journals and other academic sources will reveal areas that are yet to be explored by academicians. At the end of a research, the author recommends further study to reveal details that could not be captured in the paper. These are clues that you can pick for use in compiling your research paper in economics.

Suggestion by your teacher- the teacher is an incredible source of direction in your academic work. By consulting or holding a discussion with him, you will get a hint of the best topic for your paper. The teacher may also help you confirm a topic and direct you on credible, reliable and excellent sources of research materials.

Here are some of the topics that will make your paper outstanding.

  1. Small businesses should not prefer EOQ over Just In Time inventory practice
  2. Is GDP an authentic indicator of economic growth?
  3. What is the economic impact of the internet?
  4. How do reports on Dow Jones affect the trends of daily economics?
  5. Is illegal migration good for the economy?
  6. Does Yield Management System provide any competitive advantage?
  7. How is renewable energy affecting the cost of business?
  8. Is working on weekends valuable to the economy?
  9. What is the value of tea and lunch breaks?
  10. Is age a real determinant of the value of an employee?

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