A List Of Great Art History Term Paper Ideas

With an art history term paper right around the corner, students need help from https://mypaperwriter.com/ in choosing a topic. To get some ideas, students can begin by browsing through their art history book. A specific painting, time period or artist may catch the student's eye. In addition, art magazines, periodicals and academic journals may have some ideas for the student. Individuals who are still struggling to figure out a topic can always use some of the ideas on the following list. These paper topics were created with art history in mind, and they can be used as they are written or modified to suit the student's interests.

Art History Topics

  1. 1. The History and Construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  2. 2. The Bauhaus Movement Founded by Walter Gropius
  3. 3. The Romantic Period and African Architecture
  4. 4. The Design of Buckingham Fountain
  5. 5. Chuck Dove's Portraiture Art
  6. 6. Medieval Art's Impact on Art History
  7. 7. The Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. 8. Changes in Chinese Art Over the Centuries
  9. 9. How the Motion Picture Industry Has Developed Over the Years
  10. 10. Egyptian Art and Influence
  11. 11. Christopher Wren: His Life and the Building of St. Paul's Cathedral
  12. 12. Expresionist Art and Its Influence
  13. 13. Comparison of Religious and Military Structures in Medieval Architecture
  14. 14. Impressionism and the Influence of Renoir
  15. 15. The Life and Times of the Pop Artist Allan D'Arcangelo
  16. 16. Exploring the Life and Times of the Greek Sculpture Lysippos
  17. 17. Michelangelo and the Making of the Sistine Chapel
  18. 18. Art from 20th Century Western Civilization
  19. 19. Building the Great Flacvian Amphitheater
  20. 20. The Godfather and Sociological Portrayals of Violence
  21. 21. The Life and Struggles of Coco Chanel
  22. 22. The Different Design Concepts Used in Creating Affordable Housing Projects
  23. 23. The Dadaism Movement
  24. 24. What Defines Art? The Madonna in Dung and Other “Artistic” Pieces
  25. 25. The Impact of Mi Fei on Korean Art
  26. 26. The Similarities Between Michelangelo and Giotto
  27. 27. The Influence of African Americans in Film Since 1915
  28. 28. International Gothic Styles in Early Renaissance Art
  29. 29. The History of Modern Art Between 1851 to 1929
  30. 30. Feminine Identity Concepts in Cindy Sherman's Art
  31. 31. The Art Designs and Decorations of Viking Ships
  32. 32. Nazi Art and Nazi Art Thieves
  33. 33. The Art of Propaganda: How Governments Use Art to Win Wars, Influence Votes and Control Populations
  34. 34. What is the Surrealist Movement?
  35. 35. Andy Warhol and the Manufacture of Pop Art
  36. 36. Japanese Modern Design and Kamisaka Sekka
  37. 37. Film History: A Beautiful Mind and the Actual Life of John Nash
  38. 38. Changes in Cinema: From My Fair Lady to the Sound of Music
  39. 39.Artistic Representations of Zeus
  40. 40. Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera

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