12 Helpful Research Paper Introduction Writing Guidelines From An Expert

The introduction is an important part of your paper, and with that in mind you need to make sure that you give it your best shot. It is through this that you provide the reader with an idea on what you are working on, and most importantly how you intend to cover the rest of the paper, while addressing the topic. The following are some tips for writing a good introduction that you must take into consideration at all times:

  • Get the attention of the reader
  • Always ensure that you deliver a proper introduction that can grab the attention of the reader and keep them hooked on the paper.

  • Speak about what the paper is about
  • The introduction is supposed to tell the reader what your work is all about. Do not spend more time discussing or presenting new ideas other than delivering an overview.

  • Create the significance of the point to the reader
  • As the reader is going through your work, it is important for them to see the significance of the work you are doing through this section.

  • Give a preview of how you intend to go about the paper
  • You already have an idea in mind. What you must do in this section is to tell the reader how you intend to get to the end of it.

  • Do not introduce background
  • A lot of students normally make this mistake, of using the introduction as a platform to introduce the background of their paper – never do this.

  • Do not introduce factual information
  • You may have factual information that you want to present; this is not the place for you to introduce them into your work.

  • Monitor the length
  • Do not make the introduction too long nor too short. A few paragraphs should do, and in most cases nothing more than a page.

  • Do not start with a dictionary definition
  • Try and avoid presenting a dictionary definition as the beginning of your introduction.

  • Should never start with a generalization
  • Another thing that you need to steer clear of is using a generalization to start your paper.

  • Do not spend so much time on it
  • Resist the urge to spend too much time on the introduction, time which would be well spend elsewhere.

  • Try to write it last
  • If you can, write this section last once you have a good idea of the contents of the entire paper.

  • Get to the point as soon as you can
  • Get straight to the point so fast, and make sure that your readers can see this.

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