Research Paper Writing Tutorial: What Is The Appendix?

Appendix section in the research paper:

There are a lot of sections that comprise a research paper in its full form. The students have to be well aware about all the dynamics of the research paper to do their work in time. It isn’t an easy thing to manage all the sections with consistency and same level of quality, but if you are interested in getting good marks, then you should give special consideration to all the small and big sections of the term paper equally. Appendix is one crucial part of the research paper which is an integral part of the post section of the paper and is usually placed right at the end of the paper. Just as the name suggests, this section appends some useful stuff which is relevant to your research or term paper in any sense. According to the experts, the term paper has to be comprehensive with all the information and you should put in all the information which you think is relevant with your paper. But, the students feel some issues as all the information is not possible to be included right in the main body or any other section of the paper. If you do not find any source of information to fit in the body, then that can be appended in the appendix section of your term paper. A well organized and a well stuffed appendix section makes a good impression on your teacher and you will find some good marks which were specifically reserved by the teacher for that section.

What kind of stuff is in the appendix section?

The stuff present in the appendix section is dependent on the nature of the research paper. In many papers, the students perform a survey with the help of a questionnaire. The questionnaire should be included in your term paper and the ideal place is to put it in the end. There are a lot of other things as well, which must be included. If there is a case where you have to include a series of tables relevant to your research, then putting it right in the body will look awkward. You can put them in the appendix section to make it look more organized. This can also be done with the series of images which can also be placed easily in the appendix section.

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