10 Tips For Writing A Successful College Research Paper

Writing a college research paper can be easy if you follow these ten tips for sure success!

  1. 1. Start Early
  2. Leave time to revise, revise, revise.

  3. 2. Use the library databases and other good sources like these

  4. 3. Never ever plagiarize – you will get caught and get an F or a 0.

  5. 4. Take care of your research and document everything
  6. Use a large folder and keep everything.

  7. 5. Make sure your essay has all the standard elements required for any essay or research paper.
  8. Make sure you have all the elements there, such as a introduction, thesis statement, body evidence paragraphs and a closing paragraph. You also want citations in the right style.

  9. 6. Make sure your introductory paragraph is engaging and interesting for the reader
  10. The introduction is their first impression of you and your writing—make sure it impresses and catches their attention with surprising facts about your topic that make them want to read more.

  11. 7. Make sure to cite everything according to the required documentation style.
  12. If your teacher wants APA, check to make sure your citations are correct by comparing them to model research papers at Purdue’s OWL source.

  13. 8. Make sure to weave in plenty of quotes and snippets of quotes
  14. Weaving in quotes is easy. Try good signal phrases such as As Smith notes, “global warming is expected to worsen . . . “ (citation). Smith adds that “if humans continue to deplete our natural resources” (citation) and Smith also suggests that “quote” (citation).

  15. 9. Make sure to make the research paper a showcase of your writing and insights into the topic, good grammar and punctuation, and research skills.
  16. Make is a goal to revise not just once but three times. Revise via type and on your computer screen. Two, print it out and correct and add/subtract sentences with pen and paper. Three, read it aloud to catch errors you have missed. It works. Your voice will slow you down and your ears will catch things your eyes miss.

  17. 10. Make sure to write a close that ends with style and provokes thought.
  18. A closing paragraph should make your reader ponder your topic even more. A good way to do this is bring your essay into the very present of what is going on with your topic in the news or in terms of research.

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