Creating An Argumentative Research Paper About Body Piercing

Now, body piercing has been a part of many global cultures and traditions for centuries. For some, it offers release and for others, it enhances knowledge, particularly when done in the ears. Then again, there are certain reservations against the body art. It is actually hard to take sides; whether pro or against body piercing.

  • Flair and distinction
  • There are some researched facts in favor of body piercing that emphasizes its existence and flair. For example, it is believed that nostrils have a direct relation with reproductive organ and so marriageable women are generally pierced in their noses around the world. Then again, some cultures believe that genital organs become more pliant and potent when they are pierced.

    Body piercing is also a dynamic way to nullify the racial divide and bond everyone in ne color. It was actually believed to be a status symbol in ancient culture and only a certain strata of people were allowed certain piercings; such as in the nipple.

  • A form of release
  • It is a case of self-expression and as long as the beholder enjoys it, there is no reason why it should be argued upon. The only parameter is safety and the piercing should be done with sterilized needles and canella. In fact, in certain pockets of Africa, people are believed impotent if they don’t have a visible piercing.

    Arguments arrive in a hurry when he body piercing goes a bit out of proportion and people get pierced on all possible body parts. It is not hard to sustain that this is a form of self-mortification and cannot be given a free license. The cultures that allow any extent of body piercing should be made to realize that this can lead to wounds and infections in the affected region.

  • The hard-to-break beliefs
  • There also are religious and spiritual connotations to body piercing which makes it cumbersome to wean people off the tradition. When things streamline into belief, you will find it very hard to destroy it, even with vivid research.

    It is actually necessary to bust all myths related to body piercing, but the fact is that certain beliefs are actually true and have been tested in the long run. So, in our estimate, it is pretty much a case of ‘Every man (and woman) for himself’. Yes, the trend should remain within parameters and there should not be any enforcement of any kind on impressionable adolescents.

In the end, the decision is yours to make.

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