Creating An Impressive Research Paper On Academic Dishonesty

Creating an impressive research paper on academic dishonesty can be a very useful subject. This is an extremely emotional topic and needs to be taken very seriously. Because of this, holding the reader’s interest shouldn’t be very difficult. Academic dishonesty can cover a wide variety of topics from not turning in a library book to plagiarism. If a student doesn’t learn anything else, they must learn that in the world today, adults need to be held accountable for their actions. There is a certain process you need to follow to create an impressive research paper.

  1. Choose a good topic. Academic dishonesty is a broad topic and you need to narrow it down to be able to do a thorough job on your thesis. Brainstorm about all the different topics within academic dishonesty and write them down.
  2. Once you get your list, begin to do the exploring and make sure the topics have plenty of research. Eliminate the ones that may not have sufficient data. I would try to cut your list down to 5. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to research a topic and find out there isn’t much information. It is worth changing topics if there isn’t enough data.
  3. Research until you can’t see straight anymore. You can’t have too much information. Try to keep everything on index cards and organized so you can use it later. While you are exploring, you will find that your thesis statement will probably jump out at you. This is the most important part of your paper. Take your time developing a great thesis sentence.
  4. Compile an outline. You have all the information nice and organized and you have your thesis sentence. Now you have to go through your notes and find the important points that will substantiate your thesis. Each number in your outline will be an important point. If you do this, you won’t forget anything and you will organize your article. Your outline is like a roadmap guiding you through your paper.
  5. Write your rough draft. Now you can write your article. Use your outline and fill in the details between your big points. This won’t be hard since all the rough work is done. Since we are talking about academic dishonesty, make sure your work is 100% original. You don’t want to be suspected of cheating and copying the material.
  6. Have your instructor or someone you respect read over the rough draft. Hopefully they will give you some guidance that will improve your paper. Make the corrections and adjustments that were suggested.
  7. Write your final draft and turn it in. You should be proud of your article you worked so hard on.

Academic dishonesty is a very emotional topic. You work very hard in creating an impressive research paper and you should be very proud of it.

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