10 Questions You Can Answer In A Research Paper On Career Planning

  1. What training is needed to help with career planning? Career planning is different for each person but your research paper can focus on a possible formula or checklist that can help anyone at the early stages of planning their future.
  2. What information is available to help with the planning stages of a career? The research paper could focus on the successful planning tools and the way that information from using these tools is disseminated. Use several case studies to illustrate scenarios.
  3. What is the availability of Work Experience in chosen career areas? Focus on career areas where it may be easy to get work experience and compare to other areas such as airline pilots where it may be very difficult to get hands on experience.
  4. How do you support someone in making alternative career plans? There may not be a substantial amount of research in this area so you may have to draw on work that has been done with people who have had to change career pathways due to illness.
  5. How useful is it talking to someone who already has the job that I want? The question here is really concerned with the accuracy of the information given. A lot will depend on the type of job and its uniqueness.
  6. Why should people be prepared to work from the bottom of a career choice and work their way up? Many people do not understand the reason why they need to learn all aspects of a profession or industry, as they equate formal qualifications with experience.
  7. What are transferable skills? This is a very important area of career planning as many people feel that if they are trained for one job that they have nothing to offer in the way of skills to another career. There are many examples that you can use to positively support.
  8. What is the use of psychometric testing for career planning? Describe the value of psychometric testing and how this relates to particular careers. Look at some of the tests that are available as well as their cost.
  9. What happens if someone wants to change the direction from their planned career? Focus on the need to plan to cover several eventualities as a lot of career choices will depend on the availability of appropriate courses and appropriate openings.
  10. Can I turn my hobby into my career? The focus here is on the fact that a hobby is enjoyable and that by doing it full time you may not so much enjoyment out of it, but there are several entrepreneurs that have been very successful by doing this.

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