Completing A Term Paper About Noise Pollution Successfully

Noise pollution can be defined as the presence of excessive or disturbing sound levels in an area where it can upset the natural process of human or animal life. Most forms of high decibel rackets occur due to machinery, factories and traffic systems, usually in urban areas. Here are five points to consider when writing a term paper about noise pollution

  1. Common causes
  2. It is important to have a grasp on the extent of the damage that noise can cause as a result of our modern society. Different activities create different types of sounds and many go unnoticed until long after they have had negative effects on the population. Research all the possible causes of auditory disturbances with reference to the average location of these to human and animal habitats.

  3. Environmental effect
  4. Many of the effects of noise pollution happen silently, and over long periods. Find ways of determining the effects that excessive decibel levels can have on wildlife and consider that animals are more easily spooked than humans. What may go by unheard by us may not be so easily suffered by some forms of wildlife. Some animals are speculated to have gone extinct as a result of their predatory evasive capabilities being affected by invasive sound levels.

  5. Human effects
  6. There have been many studies connecting increased auditory stimulation to many harmful health issues in humans. Hearing loss, hypertension, stress levels and sleep disturbances are just a few of the negative effects that humans experience and studies show that there may be much more. How can we determine the effects on a human before symptoms start to be expressed?

  7. How to define this form of pollution
  8. Various forms of noise pollution exist so it is worth exploring and classifying them all. As humans we are affected by many types of sounds in different ways and many may yet to be classified. Explore ways of identifying and classifying new and different forms of auditory disturbances and speculate on the possibility that even sounds we cannot hear, can affect us.

  9. Solutions
  10. The consequences of noise pollution are vast and we are all affected in some way. Discuss possible solutions to existing forms of sound disturbances and show the possible barriers these solutions may face during implementation attempts. Show how our lives may be affected both positively and negatively and outline the possible expenses to society as a result.

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