Looking For An Example Outline For A Research Paper On Domestic Violence


Domestic violence can be a difficult subject to write about. In addition to this many students may leave their homework until the last minute and by then it can be difficult to know where to begin. One way to get ideas and to begin writing is to look for an example outline on a research paper on domestic violence. It is important not to copy and paste what is written but this can be used for ideas and when cited correctly can help to raise your grade.


When completing a paper, essay, dissertation or thesis it is important to use relevant resources. Searching for scholarly articles can take hours to complete without the relevant research skills. The first issue is to know where to start searching. The following databases are all good places to begin searching:

  1. Google Scholar
  2. JStor
  3. Proquest Central

Google scholar is available for everyone to use but for JStor and Proquest Central, you will need your school, university or college login details. Jstor and Proquest can both be searched in the comfort of your own home or in the library.


The most simple search would be to enter ‘Domestic Violence’ into the search bar to find all papers that are related to this topic. However, this will turn up every single paper that has ever been written on the subject. You can narrow down the search by typing in a recent year to get the most recent papers that have been written.

Another tip to get the best of your search is to narrow down the subject. Using case studies for instance will allow you to research cases in law that are based on domestic violence. Using the search term research, will turn up papers that are research based other than based on law.


It is easy to find many different papers on domestic violence to help with your homework but it is important that this should be properly cited. Most databases will have a cite button that allows you to create references easily and quickly. This will save you time when citing papers and creating your bibliography. Be sure to use the right citation method that your university, school or college prefers because referencing styles differs between different schools.

Using papers on domestic violence can be easy to do when done correctly simply by using the correct search terms. In addition why not take advantage of using the citation button to create accurate citations and references.

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