Quick Tips On How To Cite Images In A Research Paper

Citing images in a research paper might be intimidating to some people, but when you know what you’re doing it makes life so much easier. Soon you'll understand the different methods that you can use to cite a research paper. Have in mind not all methods might be ideal for you, since everybody’s situation is different. Read this article to find out what these methods are, since you can use them to help yourself. With that put into context here are some quick tips on how to cite images in a research paper.

Why it’s important to show where you got the images in the first place

It is very important to show where you got the images in the first place, because of legal issues. Also, if it’s a photo you want to give credit to the author, as you would want credit if it were your photo. By showing where you got the picture from it adds marks to your grade, since it shows that you have been doing the research that is required. Just make sure the picture you want to use is not copyrighted in the first place, because this can lead to fine.

What elements to include when citing an image

Here are a few elements that you want to include when citing an image:

  • Photographer: You must include a photographer in the description of your image.
  • The date: Having the date in the description is a great thing to have, because it shows what timeline the photo was taken
  • The city of the photo: Having the name of the city where the picture was taken is great, as it adds more description to the photo.
  • Have a description: Having a description have the photo is as important as having the photo in the first place, Because some people might not understand what they are looking at until they see the description

Check out project samples

Checking out project samples is a great way to correct yourself if you’ve made any mistakes, since you can always look at the examples and compare. You can get samples from your professor, they should be happy to help, as they can see that you are trying to get a good grade.

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