The Research Paper Paragraph Structure: A Writing Guide

Research papers have a unique demand – structure. Wherever you knock, it essays a streamlined structure so that it automatically pleases your visual ethics. This makes the paper so presentable that readers go through it without the qualms they usually show with other lengthy papers.

Long and short of it

In order to make sure that your research paper is well structured, you should start at the paragraphs. They should not be extremely short so as to miss vital points relevant to that passage of the research. It should not be verily long so as to make readers lose the zing midway. It is always better to take the middle path.

Segregating the essentials

The Methodology is different. Here, you will have to segregate the essentials and describe each of them in one wholesome paragraph. Thus, the pertaining paragraphs may vary in shape and size. You should however resort to a certain system while doing analysis and conclusion page.

Analysis and conclusion

Here, you should separate analyses in different paragraphs. Each analysis should be worth its weight in gold and you should take care to trim the excesses so that the paragraphs maintain a particular structure. It becomes easier with the conclusion where you will mostly mention opinions, which can easily be spruced and shaped in a desired manner.

The Abstract

The logic is simple with the Abstract. It is one single paragraph of about 400 words and so is destined to be bigger than normal. Logically, this should be the biggest paragraph of the entire research paper. You should go on a deceleration from herein.

The Introduction

The first paragraph may be a bit lengthy since it contains the thesis statement. Take care to keep the successive paragraphs of about half the length of the initial paragraph. You should however give priority to the meat of the paragraph rather than the length. If you feel you may lessen the impact of the research paper by curtailing length of a particular paragraph, keep it to the emphatic length.

Structuring the paragraph

You must keep in mind that readers are normally turned off by lengthy paragraphs. They are actually turned on by bullet points but that cannot always be the case. Thus, you should keep paragraphs structured in a way that you fancy. For inspiration, you can always check samples of eminent research papers.

N.B – The reference page has its own style and is largely influenced by the format style you have adopted for the work.

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