Composing A Strong Research Paper On Violence In The Media-10 Things To Remember

Either you are playing a game or you turn on the television more than fifty percent of the time you have to watch either violence or something related to it. Violence in the media is one of the hot topics around the world as there is a lot of research going on this topic and on finding how this violence is affecting the people who watch it daily especially the children.

There are certain things which you need to remember if you are going to write a paper on this particular topic.

  1. 1. Studying the already written stuff
  2. There is a lot of stuff written on this particular topic and you need to study it for giving yourself more hold on the topic. You can talk in more detail if you see this particular topic with the eyes of different people, each one with a different perspective.

  3. 2. Remaining unbiased
  4. A research paper needs to be based on facts and figures and the individual opinions of the writer is of no value in it. So if you are going to write the paper, you must be unbiased and just present the authentic logical facts and figures relating to the topic instead of flowing with your way of thinking.

  5. 3. Having the necessary data
  6. You must remember to have proper facts and figures to base your paper upon them.

  7. 4. Professional Way of Writing
  8. You must be aware of the professional way of writing a research paper as it is different from writing an essay or some report.

  9. 5. Writing about an overall effect
  10. It is an extremely wide topic, so you need to study a lot about it and the effect this violence in media is creating all around the world. As some countries are using it for different purposes, so you need to have a look from west to ease and north to west throughout the world to compose a strong piece of writing.

  11. 6. Having a proper start
  12. You need to think of a proper starting paragraph for your paper turning it into an attention grabbing material once the reader starts reading the paper. As there are a number of papers published on this topic, you need to be different from others to get the attention from readers.

  13. 7. Spend Time on Research
  14. You must spend a lot of time researching for information related to this topic along with the work different governments are doing to minimize the violence in the media.

  15. 8. Adding the necessary stuff
  16. As a lot of stuff and information is present on this particular topic, you must have good editing skills to put only the data necessary in your paper not making it a lengthy one filled with the same kind of stuff.

  17. 9. Adding information about the changing media trends
  18. You also have to mention the changing media trends in the last few years as the games, cartoons and television programs are only giving their viewers violence to watch. This trend change happened only a few years back so you need to throw light on the causes behind it and people supporting it.

  19. 10. Keep it simple
  20. Try to use a simple language so that each and every person can read your research paper and get benefit from it.

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