How To Make A Research Paper Abstract Look Better: Useful Recommendations

When writing a research paper, one of the most important parts is the abstract. Often, the abstract is the only part of the document that anyone sees. Normally, other researchers will use the abstract to decide if they want to read the paper. To get the largest number of readers, students need to write an abstract that entices researchers to read on.

What Is an Abstract?

To make essays easier to find, each document is listed according to different keywords. At the bottom of the abstract page, the student lists different keywords that help to classify the document. In addition to these keywords, the abstract contains one paragraph that summarizes the entirety of the document. If someone uses the keywords to find the document, they will read through the abstract to see if it is actually going to be useful.

Basic Formatting

In general, an abstract will follow a fairly basic outline. At the center of the top of the page, the student should write the title of the abstract. Without adding an extra space, the student should begin writing the abstract. This single paragraph should not be indented, and the entire abstract should have a one inch margin. Like the rest of the document, the abstract should be written in a Times New Roman 12 pt. Font.

Consider the Keywords Carefully

For this research paper to be discovered, it must have keywords that are commonly searched for. Students should spend some extra time considering the types of keywords that will be listed at the bottom of the abstract. If they are uncertain about what to write, the student can always ask their professor for some extra help.

Visit the Writing Center

The abstract is just like the remainder of the document; it must be edited to be any good. Few people are naturally able to edit their own work, so smart students should schedule some time with a tutor at the writing center. If this is not possible, the student should start by reading their essay aloud. As the student reads aloud, they will be able to spot grammar issues and awkward phrasing that they would not be able to find if they were just reading silently.

To make the abstract perfectly finished, the student should send it through some editing software. There are several free programs online that can quickly and easily edit the abstract for any errors. Once this is complete, the student is ready to submit their finished document.

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