How To Write A Research Paper On To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is a famous novel written by Harper Lee that is considered a classic of modern American literature. This book addresses many social issues, especially racial discrimination. It’s an impressive piece of literature that can be researched from different angles. If you want to write a paper on To Kill a Mockingbird, you should read the tips below.

  1. Read the novel.
  2. You shouldn’t write your paper before you read the book. Otherwise, you won’t know all the details of the plot and your analysis will be imperfect.

  3. Narrow your topic.
  4. To make your investigation more interesting to your readers, it’s advisable to focus your attention on some particular details. For example, you may discuss whether the author portrayed the black community in a realistic way. You may also concentrate your attention on examining individual characters and features that they resembled.

  5. Come up with arguments.
  6. To defend or prove your main idea, you’ll need to have good arguments. Such arguments can be supported with the evidence from the actual book. You may do your research alone or check out this company to get professional assistance.

  7. Compose a thesis.
  8. Your paper should have a purpose. This purpose should be explained in a single sentence that is short and clear. This will be your thesis statement to which you’ll relate each of your arguments.

  9. Outline your paper.
  10. Dividing your work into sections before you start writing is very important. This will enable you to maintain a solid structure of the paper and mention all significant facts.

  11. Write an introduction.
  12. This section should introduce the subject of your research and contain a brief description of the book in general. Then, you should move on to your narrow topic and state your thesis.

  13. Write a body.
  14. A body should be divided into several subsections. Each subsection should introduce and describe a separate argument that directly relates to your thesis. Don’t discuss the same argument in different subsections.

  15. Write a conclusion.
  16. Here, you should summarize your arguments and restate your thesis in a more explanatory way to make your readers understand the importance of the questions raised in the book and the significance of your own research. Propose several ways in which your readers might continue investigating your topic.

Don’t forget to revise your paper several times after you’ve finished your first draft. It’s likely that there will be a lot of mistakes to get rid of and sentences to rewrite.

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