A List Of Great Research Paper Topics On The Western Civilization

If you are looking for list of great research paper topics on the Western civilization you have many ideas at your fingertips.

But before you look over the list of great research paper topics on Western civilization you should take some time to do the following:

First of all, look over the project details so that you really understand exactly what you have to do, whether you have to pick a topic yourself from any broad subject matter related to Western civilization, or whether your teacher has given you a narrow version of the topic and from there you can simply change the angle. Review how many pages you have and what the word count is. Knowing all of these things can be a tremendous help later on.

You want to reflect on any classroom readings. Look over your notes and any lecture material you have because these will more often than not provide the best place for ideas. There might have been something you highlighted in a previous lecture which he wanted to know more about what time did not allow. In cases like bees this particular assignment might be exactly what you want.

  1. Consider writing about ancient monuments as one great research paper topic on the Western civilization. There are many ancient monuments in Western civilization which are still not entirely understood. You could pick one monument that today remains a mystery to people such as the Sphinx or Stonehenge. You can discuss the current theories which surrounds this item, when people allege it was built, how people predict it was built, and what different theories exist about the uses for it. Another option is to explore one theory related to all of this in depth and discuss the evidence that exists for and against it. For example, some people theorize that the Sphinx is actually a representation of a large cat or lion, something typical of ancient Egyptian cultures. They believe that it was there long before the pyramids were constructed. But this current theory remains debatable and there is some evidence existing in the naturally decomposing rock located inside of the physical structure of the Sphinx compared to the landmass around it which might indicate that it was carved at the exact same time as the pool area surrounding it.
  2. Debate the technological evolution and how it has impacted society as another great research paper topic on the Western civilization. You can review how advanced construction techniques have made the construction of different buildings popular or how new farming technology have allowed populations to flourish.

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