Picking Up Interesting 4th Grade Research Paper Topics In Art

Art is a very broad subject that comprises of different areas of human creative activity. There’re a lot of topics to choose for your research paper. It’s generally advisable to pick something you’re interested in and know well. However, choosing an unfamiliar topic can also be beneficial because you’ll gain insight into something new. Consider the following ideas that will help you decide on the direction of your research.

  1. Formal analysis.
  2. Here you’re to analyze the formal aspects of a piece of art, such as the symmetry, perspective, color, or framing of a painting. Also, you should explain how those details contribute to the general understanding of the artist’s intentions.

  3. Sociological approach.
  4. Study what influence a particular social group or historical period had on an artist. You may examine the issues of gender and race that determined some artists’ careers.

  5. Biographical approach.
  6. Explore the life of an artist or a particular period from his or her career. Make a connection between their living circumstances and their creative work.

  7. Movement or genre.
  8. You can scrutinize the general features of a particular genre of art. Analyze how a particular movement was formed, who initiated it, and where it was widespread. Consider having a closer look at Modernism, Futurism, Abstract art, Cubism, or Postmodernism.

  9. Style or period.
  10. Different areas of art went through their own stages of development. A single dominating concept of artistic activity existed at particular time periods. Some examples are Medieval, Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine, etc.

  11. The areas of art.
  12. As there are different fields of art, you may choose the one you like the most.

    • Architecture. You can explore the works of an architect or the features of a specific design in your project.
    • Various works of art. Paintings, sculptures, basketry, masks, etc. belong here.
    • Music. Write on the history of music, its origins, classical composers, or romantic period music.
    • Theatre.
    • Film industry.

Here is a list of suggested topics for your research paper.

  1. The phenomenon of film censorship.
  2. The effectiveness of art therapy.
  3. Mental illnesses and creativity.
  4. Feminist body art materials.
  5. The influence of music on a physical and mental state.
  6. Art as a means of expressing protest against social issues.
  7. The history of motion pictures: from silent to special effects films.
  8. The meaning of body tattoos in different cultures.
  9. Different interpretations of the Last Supper.
  10. Common patterns used in Scandinavian weaving.
  11. Art in the Hellenistic period.

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