How To Write An MLA Format Term Paper Title Page

Nowadays, many academic writings adopt the MLA style. Basically, this style does not call for a cover page as most of the crucial data is included on the first page. Nevertheless, some instructors prefer using a separate page for the same. Here is an elementary guideline for you.

  • Write the title about one third to the bottom of the page
  • This should adopt the basic rules such as capitalization and bolding in your custom term paper. It should be very specific and unmodified if given by the lecturer. For those that require the writer to compose a topic, it should be based on your findings following the various instructions given. Avoid employing prepositions such as “a”, “an”,“the”and“of”.

  • Punctuation of the title
  • A good first for your work should not be punctuated through inclusion of quotation marks. Moreover, the writer should neither underline nor make the words italic. They should however be bold and centrally aligned.

  • Leave 2-3 lines then craft the author’s name
  • Your name as a writer is crucial as it lets the readers apprehend who exactly came up with the ideas. It aids the marker to grade your work and record them appropriately. Nevertheless, do not write a single name. Always craft your two or three names. Abbreviation of all the names is greatly discouraged as it confuses the reader. Names are written two to three lines from the top of the page and they should adopt the right font and font size. You can also include the names of co-authors if necessary.

  • Leave two to three lines
  • After crafting the author’s name, two to three lines towards the bottom of the pages are left. This is the appropriate spacing for MLA writing style.

  • Craft the course of class information
  • With a 2 to 3 lines spacing as stated in the previous point, jot down the name of the course you are pursuing. You can as well include your academic registration number if possible as well as the department.

  • Write the instructor’s name on the following line
  • It is recommended that you include the title of your lecturer or teacher in this part. For instance, include professional titles such as doctor and engineer among others. This is critical as it recognizes the instructor appropriately.

  • Include the date on the next line
  • This is equally an important requisite as it shows when the work was done and submitted. In case of any challenges, the writer can use it to defend the work. It should adopt the European style and should also state the day.

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