Coming Up With Impressive Research Paper Topics On Disney

Disney is a company with a separate department totally dedicated to conducting researches, studies and experiments from the academic and science world to push its frontiers to the limit to grow through continuous innovations. Given below are some impressive research paper topics on Disney.

  1. A programmable system using computer graphics to change the moods
  2. Winning and Losing basketball team of Disney characters
  3. Mood changing modeling to match the Disney theme park guests
  4. Voice synchronization of Disney characters in a 3D world
  5. Facial motion using simulation modeling
  6. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the 3D world
  7. Automatic editing of computer animation using cloud computing
  8. The artificial intelligence of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  9. The fluid transmission and robotic movement of theme park guests
  10. A 3D printer theme park that can be inflated and deflated
  11. The usage of Interactive speakers during game webinars
  12. The amusing world of interactive speakers
  13. An actively dangerous robotic movement
  14. Eyeball movements to gauge soul emotions
  15. Computer graphics to create “high-touch, low-tech” effects
  16. Bringing mechanical characters to life
  17. Fabrication of 3D materials by the theme parks to take home
  18. Creating personal touch of characters using computer graphics
  19. Through the eyes of Minnie Mouse
  20. Through the eyes of Mickey Mouse
  21. Through the eyes of Donald Duck
  22. Through the vantage point of Science at play
  23. The human elements of human motion data
  24. The computing elements of human motion data
  25. The computing elements of animation
  26. The human elements of animation
  27. Sense it, feel it, touch it, see it and hear it
  28. An interactive algorithm to entertain theme-park guests
  29. Animation characters on Facebook
  30. Animation characters in social media
  31. Become friends with animation characters on Facebook
  32. Become friends with animation characters through social media
  33. The career life of Mickey Mouse
  34. The career life of Minnie Mouse
  35. A job description of Mickey Mouse
  36. A job description of Minnie Mouse
  37. Efficiency of characters enhanced through bending forces
  38. Guest friendly computer explosions
  39. I’m here, entertain me

The scope of each of the above topics can be as wide or narrow depending on the requirements of the research projects.

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