Great Research Paper Topics For Uncommon Subjects

Uncommon subjects always seek attention of the public and hence prove to be an immaculate research paper topic by the thesis students. These topics open a wide area of scope for the research and make students engrossed in the subject because of curiosity even if they dislike making researches and write essays on it. There are wide resources where you can find such topics like public libraries, web, asking the veterans etc.

Check out some bizarre topics for your research –

  1. 1. Why fleas are the longest jumpers in the animal kingdom? Are dog fleas similar to cat fleas? If not, how they are different?

  2. 2. Why ethical books are gradually missing from the shelves of University library? Are thieves stealing such books or these do not catch public attention? Why are they less promoted by the professors for research students? Why the number of non-ethical books gathering more recognition than moral models.

  3. 3. Why infants cry in wet underwear? This is unanswerable question since 1994. Discuss thermoregulatory response and compare it with thermal comforts. Talk about the intestinal warmth, skin reactions and the thickness of special fabric used for the underwear.

  4. 4. Woodpeckers too feel headaches: Scientific evidences state that as dragons have sore throats, woodpeckers face headaches too. Discuss how they avoid damage to their brain and prevent bleeding even when they hammer their beak 12,000 times in a day. Discuss the physiology of their squishy skull and brawny jaw muscles.

  5. 5. Why women have firmer believed in marriages in contrast to men? Discuss how the short term sexual arousal satisfies men while women believe in long term commitments. Discuss the sexual behavior of both the genders.

  6. 6. Mosquitoes crave for cheesy items: Why these frightening creatures behave in such an eccentric manner? Are there any exceptions? Compare such mosquitoes with the other contrasting breeds that love to bite human’s ankles and feet? Discuss the Limburger cheese which is quite similar with human’s feet.

  7. 7. How some man bleeds with blood in their eyes in place of tears? Discuss the science behind it?

  8. 8. Why bear bottles are strong weapons to kill men? How they can break human’s skull? What are the varied effects of full and empty bottles?

  9. 9. Poop firing process of Penguins: Discuss the rectal pressure impulsion and the physical pressure required to exorcise the faecal material with the help of diagram.

  10. 10. Why is it difficult to erase the bad memories in contrast to good ones? Discuss the human’s strategies and their intentions behind this. Why human’s are easily inclined towards negative emotions than positive ones?

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