How To Make A Good Thesis Statement For A Research Paper: 5 Great Tips

Students across the world tend to avoid writing their academic papers because they involve much research and dedication. A research paper is a piece of paper that requires extensive research, good understanding of the subject, developing a strong stance and strong evidence to prove your point. You must write this paper with great care and critical analysis if you want to score well in the assignment. Teachers prefer to read those research papers that are unique and interesting. You need to hook your audience and impress your teacher in order to develop their interest in the paper

A thesis statement is one of the most critical parts about research paper writing. This statement is the extract of the basic problem your paper will address. You need to answer the why and how questions in your thesis statement. A good thesis statement for a research paper should be able to do the following

  1. It must tell the importance of the subject under discussion to your readers
  2. It is a backbone of the overall paper. It shows your readers what they should expect from the rest of your work
  3. It should be arguable. You should avoid statements of facts or observation because they will be present in the supporting evidence. Develop a stance that people can agree or disagree to
  4. It answers a certain question about the subject
  5. The thesis statement is a single sentence that presents your argument to the readers. This statement is present in the start of your paper and should be clear and precise enough

If you are not sure whether to include a thesis statement in your paper or not, then you should consider a few things. If the assignment requires you to take a stance or show your ideas on why something is better than other is, then you need to use a thesis statement. Sometimes the instructor may not state it clearly, because they feel you will have that common understanding. You can ask your teacher if the paper needs a thesis statement or not. This statement should be able to answer the following question about your paper

What is the basic purpose of your paper and what do you want to achieve with this paper?

The thesis statement must be able to answer this question in a sentence or two

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